It is my pleasure to announce changes in WCR Dayton’s Governing Board.
Two members, Kim Fox and Teresa Frizell resigned from the Governing Board for personal reasons.
I am so excited to announce that Elizabeth Cooper, the 2023 President-Elect has now automatically moved up to 2023 President. She will serve out the remainder of the 2023 vacated position and then will fulfill the 2024 President’s position.
Lori Lyons, the 2023 1st Vice-President went through the Credential Review Committee process and was unanimously approved by that Committee to move forward to be voted on by the Governing Board for the position of President-Elect. The Governing Board voted to approve Lori for the position of 2023 President-Elect. She will finish the 2023 vacated term and then serve her full 1-year term as 2024 President-Elect.
Drew Huggins will assume the role of 2023 Treasurer and will complete the seat vacated by Teresa Frizell. Heather Haase will continue to serve her term as 2023 Event Director and Scottie Meeker will continue to serve in her role as 2023 Membership Director.
Tammy Murphy will fill in as the interim 1st Vice President. Tammy is happy to train someone that may be interested in the position – just let Elizabeth Cooper know if you might be interested.
I’m excited about those who have stepped up in new roles to lead our organization. They have already ramped up and worked together extremely well to get us on track for finishing up a successful 2023! Let’s all support our new Governing Board and give them all the help and cooperation that WCR Dayton excels in doing!
-Michael Martin, 2022 President and State First Vice President