The vision, knowledge and passion of Realtors for our communities helps to shape those communities. WCR believes that Realtors as assets, guide and lead our neighborhoods and cities. To that end, we support Realtors who want to be leaders in our communities.

We are so honored and pleased to present 3 Realtors who stepped up and have been elected to the position of Mayor in their respective towns. In this August 5 session of our Building Leaders program, Women’s Council of Realtors Dayton welcomes these 3 Mayors to our RoundTable, Michelle Collins, Mayor of Miamisburg; Richard Herbst, Mayor of Vandalia and Michael Stevens, Mayor of Clayton.

Come learn what made them decide to take on leadership positions in the communities where they live. Listen as they discuss their election process, gaining support from their friends, neighbors, organizations and stakeholders. And, they will share some information about what their roles as leaders has brought to their towns in terms of projects and developments.

Maybe you don’t want to be a Mayor, but perhaps you’ll learn how you might be able to apply some of their skills and talents in your own business or available position in your town.

Be sure to RSVP with our calendar link and plan to attend – we are looking forward to showing some support for our fellow Realtors / City Mayors and having a great opportunity to learn more about their roles and future plans!!  LUNCH WILL BE SERVED – so Register EARLY so that we can give necessary count to ensure enough food for all 😉


Building Leaders Education Program – Leadership in our Communities