That’s right our Women’s Council of Realtors OHIO held their first hybrid meeting that allowed for those who wanted / were able to attend in-person to meet in Columbus, while others could still participate and attend via Zoom.  To say this was our first time and to have it go as smoothly as it did – is a great accomplishment and additional confirmation that “we” WOMEN are able to shift, adapt and make alternate arrangements to accomplish the goal!! Very nice job on getting this setup and running to our President, Debbi Stohl, and her Leadership Team!!  WOO HOO!!!

AND, we must say – our own Dayton Network was there to represent as well!!  With at least EIGHT of our Members / Leadership Team able to participate – we have lots of good info to bring back to our Network and share 😉  Thanks Paula and Anne for being with us virtually and for our ladies making the drive: Sharon Geier, Nancy Farkas, Sheila Crane, Tanya Blair, Tammy Murphy and Missy Sansabrino.

We are truly excited that the HYBRID approach looks to WORK and are hopeful that we can at least begin making those plans to shift our own LOCAL Meetings to this type of format.  We’d LOVE to hear how many of our Members are VACCINATED too!????