It is that time of year when renewing as a Strategic Partner is both critical and necessary for our Network to plan, provide and host events throughout the year.  We simply could NOT do this without you!!  Please make sure you sign up early to receive the MOST BENEFIT from our partnership 😉

If you missed our meeting in 2019 that spotlighted KAREN VOSLER – you really missed a great opportunity to learn more about Karen.  Here is a lady who started our in the lending industry when “women” were not a part of the process.  Over 40 years she has worked in the industry and what a wealth of knowledge she has to share!  We can’t wait to get together in person and show Karen (and each of you) just how much we appreciate your support to our Network.

So Realtors – if you are wanting to have a reliable source to add to your lender list for clients – make sure you add Karen!

Karen  Vosler

Union Savings Bnk

Office # 937-431-3663

[email protected]