Plans are made for this SPECIAL DATE – so that we can host an In-Person & Virtual meeting!

COUNTING ATTENDANCE IS CRITICAL: We need you to REGISTER via our CALENDAR LINK and IF doing Virtual – ALSO register with ZOOM for access code.

Phillitia Charlton, Dayton native and prior DPS principal – now author and motivational speaker will present “Managing Imposter Syndrome”.

You will learn:  

  • Imposter Syndrome personality types

  • How personal lies effect your professional success

  • What are YOUR super powers & how to use them for good

We are honored to be able to SHARE a special presentation for this November meeting – different day of the month because of the conferences – but still a great opportunity brought to you by our continued collaboration with WiBN.  Please join us for an In-Person lunch meeting (BRING YOUR LAPTOP / iPAD or Mobile Device for viewing) – we are working out the location details and will UPDATE YOU when confirmed. OR, if you plan to attend VIRTUALLY then please register for the ZOOM portion of the meeting.