As the end of the year creeps upon us – the Membership process is gearing up… Last month was a Special for NEW MEMBERS and November is offering a DISCOUNT for those Current Members who RENEW during the month.  National Dues will be discounted by 10% – so if you are into SAVING – this BENEFIT is for YOU!

If you have questions or need any assistance, your Local Leadership is HERE TO HELP!!  (Be sure to send us an email or message when you RENEW so that we can CONFIRM our Registry and WEBSITE are UP TO DATE!)

Your 2021 Women’s Council Membership Dues Invoice is Waiting for You

Follow these instructions for a simple renewal transaction.

  1. Go to – Click ‘Renew’ to login to your Member Profile. Your username is your email address. This will begin your self-service renewal process.
  2. Under your ‘Active Subscriptions’, click ‘Renew’. This will take you to the next page – click ‘Renew’ again. Then complete the checkout process.
  3. Renew Today – EARLY BIRD BONUS! Any member who renews by December 1, 2020, will automatically receive 10% off of their National Dues during the checkout process (psst… that’s a $14 savings!).

    HINT:  If you select Auto-Renew while you’re in the checkout process, you don’t need to do anything for your 2022 dues! We will automatically charge you at the end of 2021. 

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