Yep – November is going to be jam packed with CONFERENCES – and your online attention will likely be pushed to the limits!?  BUT, we want to bring you a SPECIAL PROGRAM from one of our collaborative efforts with WiBN and we want to offer as both an In-Person / ZOOM Virtual Meeting.  You pick to your comfort if you want to participate in person and include lunch or if you are more comfortable to do the Zoom meeting from your own location.  Please be sure to RSVP accordingly so that we can give ACCURATE counts for the lunch / room and know how to manage the virtual portion attendance as well.

YES – there is a charge for this meeting – back to our “norm” for that part 😉  As a CURRENT / RENEWING MEMBER of our Women’s Council of Realtors DAYTON you will get a discount – however, we gladly will take NON-MEMBERS to test the waters and make sure this is a good fit for your needs moving forward BEFORE you join us!

Guest Speaker Phillitia Charlton is a Dayton native, prior Principal for DPS and now author / motivational speaker.  BE PREPARED TO BE MOTIVATED (AND HONEST WITH YOURSELF) – which should be an awesome time to then plan / set your GOALS for 2021!

Lunch & Learn Series Continues – DIFFERENT DAY due to Conferences