While COVID has changed so many things about our business and events – it is still an important part of procedures to ensure continuity of the “details” remain in place.  For that, we are providing this NOTICE OF CANDIDATES in advance of our Network elections:

Repeating Service / Postions: 

  • Missy Sansabrino, President
  • Tammy Murphy, Secretary / Communications

Willing to Repeat Service / VOTE REQUIRED:

  • Michael Martin, President-Elect
  • Drew Huggins, Treasurer

Appointed Positions:

  • Melinda Reid, Membership Director
  • Anne Goss, Program Director

The positions of President-Elect and Treasurer MAY have the potential for a CANDIDATE TO RUN FROM THE FLOOR (although slightly different format due to the current COVID conditions ).  IF you meet the qualifications of the Officer Position and want to submit your name for consideration – you will need to do so BY OR BEFORE September 28, 2020.  You should send notification directly to [email protected] and someone will be in contact with you immediately thereafter.

If YOU are interested in serving this year on a committee or pursuing the position of an Officer – please contact any of the Leadership Team so that we can coordinate and train as needed.  While looking to the future and feeling NOW is not the time to serve – it would be the time to TRAIN with the current Officer in Position and to give yourself ample opportunities to learn the tasks for each / or given position of your interest.

We will be holding the ELECTION on Thursday, October 8th as a combined / optional  IN-PERSON / ZOOM MEETING.   PLEASE SAVE THE DATE / REGISTER / ATTEND: OCTOBER 8 from 1-2 PM for our very important Election Process.