So as we are working thru all the little “house keeping” items and finding things to keep busy and productive…it is a GOOD TIME to check in online and see if your information is CURRENT / ACCURATE.  As Realtor members – we have a PDF file that has a full listing of the CURRENT REALTORS, please click on the REALTORS Tab / Page and confirm that your information is correct and notify us of any changes.

Our Strategic Partners are also listed with a PDF file on the Strategic Partners Tab / Page – and we also need YOU to confirm the contact information is correct for you.  While we have been impacted by the events of COVID-19 this year, we have chosen NOT to remove prior Strategic Partners contact information at this time.  As we are able to get “back to a normal routine” this list will be updated to reflect CURRENT / ACTIVE Sponsors.

Hey – and while you are updating your information, you may want to jump over to WCR.ORG and make sure your information / profile is UP-TO-DATE with National (be sure to list any new designations you’ve earned and add a PHOTO so that others can see you for potential referrals too!)  OH – and then make sure you get onto and do the PHOTO for your profile too.