We know – by now you are restless and unsure about how anything is going to make until the end of April??!  We hear you and are wanting to know WHAT can we do for you?  Would you like to have a weekly time for ZOOM Conference that we can all at least log on and “see” each other?  Or have you been bombarded by everyone figuring out this program and now you are in even more meetings than when in person??

We know that this has caused a shift in the way we all do business and how we can interact.  As your Women’s Council of Realtors DAYTON leadership team – we are trying to see what our new “norm” may actually look like and how that will affect our network and relationships.  All of this right in the middle of the Membership Drive and sooooo many plans!!?

For now, we have had to make the difficult decision to HOLD OFF on the Fashion Show for May – really, we don’t know what to expect or when things will be “allowed” to be scheduled again.  Just be patient with us and let us know if you have questions or need anything and WE ARE STILL HERE TO ASSIST YOU and know that we all can “still” make 2020 a fantastic year of building relationships, being productive in our business and even finding new and better ways to get more done.

We will be in touch soon….