YOU are such an important part of why Women’s Council of Realtors DAYTON is even a Network and yet, we are failing to get your participation, RSVP and heck – it even seems like we are just NOT REACHING YOU with our messages.  We really are trying to make this year a BENEFIT for you and your business – but without each and everyone of our Members, Strategic Partners and people who are just curious to show up – it would all be mute.

SO – this weekly newsletter communication is to get you up to date and ready for our next event / opportunity.  If communications are not getting to your inbox – check SPAM, filters or just make sure we have the right email address on record for you (many have changed companies or settings for the New Year).

Our Gala is Thursday, Jan 16 from 4 – 7 PM and YOU really do want to attend!  If you’ve missed those invites – CLICK HERE