While “you” specifically may not feel the need to know, your clients WILL want to know what a Home Warranty will do with regards to R-22…or at least have some information in case a need arises.

R-22 refrigerant, which you may know as “Freon,” is nearing the end of its phaseout in the U.S. because it damages the Earth’s protective ozone layer.

Starting in January 2020, it will be illegal to produce or import the refrigerant R-22 in the U.S. Although no new R-22 can be produced or imported, there will still be an existing supply that can be used for older AC systems.

Air conditioning systems manufactured before 2010 likely use R-22 refrigerant….

The remaining or recycled/reclaimed R-22 can still be used for servicing older systems. There are also many EPA-approved alternatives to R-22. So in 2020 and thereafter, if an AC system has a leak and needs refrigerant, the technician can still add R-22 refrigerant or replace it with an appropriate alternative. If the AC system needs more extensive repairs or new components that only work with newer refrigerants, it may need to be retrofitted to use a new refrigerant or replaced entirely.

First American Home Warranty: Big HVAC Coverage

With air conditioning coverage from First American Home Warranty, whether a system uses R-22 or a newer refrigerant, we’ll cover the cost to get the system working again.

  • No Refrigerant Limits: While some home warranties only cover part of the cost of refrigerant, we have no limits on the cost or amount of refrigerant covered.
  • Repair and Replace: If your client’s system needs repairs, we’ll cover the cost of converting it to use an approved, more environmentally friendly refrigerant. If the system must be replaced with a new system, we’ll cover that, too*. Without a home warranty, this could cost many thousands of dollars.
  • Unknown Pre-existing Conditions: We cover unknown conditions and problems due to lack of maintenance, rust, and corrosion for home warranties purchased as part of a real estate transaction.
  • No Size Limit on Covered Residential AC Units: Regardless of size, we’ll make sure your clients stay cool.

Click here for PDF: FAHW The R-22 Phaseout_ Weve Got it Covered