It is time we share a bit of our personal journeys with each other and be champions for our causes! If you have an orgnaization you volunteer for, a cause that you support, or perhaps a connection with one of the many illness / diseases that have taken its toll on someone you love … this meeting is a great opportunity to SHARE.


We want to know how we can support each other and if others are having an issue with rallying around fellow Realtors or Strategic Partners because of the “company” brand – then we need to strip all that away and just be HUMAN with each other.  This meeting is that opportunity and to cheer each other on in those battles we wage and to be someone’s hero regardless of the differences.  Life is TOO SHORT to be caught up in the drama and unimportant “things” of today and I hope that you will come to the meeting with an open mind and heart and be ready to FEEL SOMETHING for another person, being and cause.

And if you are curious WHY the tie-in with American Ninja Warrior…here’s a clip for you to watch!