So at the State Conference there was “someone” (who will remain un-named) mentioned that they thought leadership in “outside organizations” should not be accepted as “leadership roles worthy of an NAR appointment for service”.  And man was that the start of some unexpected Kudos for Women’s Council of Realtors!  It was NOTICEABLE then how many people presenting or just talking in forums, etc made specific MENTION of “their service in Women’s Council” and how that was the START of their work, joy, honor, service, etc.  We want to say – that Women’s Council of Realtors is a VALUED part of the NAR family of organizations, just as the Associations and Boards are – and leadership roles in Women’s Council SHOULD BE just as resume building as a leadership role with a Board / Association and ample experience FOR NAR roles.

It was a thrill and honor to see Sue Lusk-Gleich to be awarded the 2019 Distinguised Service Award AND to highly emphasize that she owed her start to Women’s Council of Realtors for recognizing her OPPORTUNITY and ABILITY to be a LEADER!  #Leaders Made Here