There are many drives going on for classroom supplies, we’ve heard the call out for years – but, this year is different!  I’d like to share with you from one of our own Strategic Partners, Shannon Walker, MetLife Insurance:

Please contact Shannon directly with donations you are willing to provide: [email protected]

May 27th 2019 was a devastating evening for the North Side of Dayton, Ohio.

18 tornadoes touched down heavily damaging or destroying more than 900 homes. 

Northridge schools are a small district located in the middle of the devastation. The largest classes are about 120 students.

I have been working with one of the administrators to make sure the 2nd grade students have the supplies they need to succeed this year. Some incredibly generous people and companies have taken care of the vast majority of the supplies on the list, but some additional help would be great! Between now and the 11th of September I’m asking for your help to finish this list! If you want to help with this effort, please let me know and I’ll hook you up! 

Peace, Love and Colored Pencils! 
Shannon Walker 

Needed Supplies: 
44 Boxes of Crayons
276 Glue Sticks
184 Dry Erase Markers
112 Pairs of Scissors
112 Containers of Clorox Wipes 
354 Boxes of Tissues
120 Packages of Cap Erasers