Not everyone likes to be in the spotlight, and I believe that has been felt even more so in a broad sense, as the Country has focused on our community with the past shooting of August 3rd/4th.  This event, as horrific and unnerving as it is – has yet again provided the opportunity for Dayton to SHINE.  Our communities have rallied together from the aftermath of tornadoes and we have linked arms to unite in the call for “DO SOMETHING” as our Oregon District pushed forward to bring awareness with action.

No matter what your political views are – THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY for DAYTON to be STRONG, to show resilience and to push for the actions that her people demand to enjoy a quality of life without fear.  Our Women’s Council of Realtors – DAYTON network is poised to share “who we are” with the world if necessary, and to help our communities to move forward in ways of progress that all seek.  As our calendar for the year was already set for this term, the fact that we have already SCHEDULED EVENTS that will provide us with more unique opportunities to learn / share is fortuitous at its best.

September’s Lunch and Learn series will focus on REALTOR SAFETY.  Don’t ignore this or think it is the “same” as you’ve heard before.  BEING AWARE is truly the most important thing you can be – to provide for your safety.  We have guest speakers lined up and are hoping to FILL THE ROOM!  Bring a Friend and Share the Experience.

October’s Lunch and Learn series will focus on “CAUSES” – our Realtors and Strategic Partners are all very community connected, many serving with non-profit organizations, and far more than us than we want to admit, have personally been impacted by someone with Cancer, Alzheimer’s, or other  diseases / conditions that we would like to FIGHT to FIND THE CURE.  This is our month to spotlight those “causes” and help make others AWARE.  We hope you show up for this with the banners, flags, t-shirts or whatever you have to display!

And of course, rounding out the end of the year, November’s Lunch and Learn series will be om GRATITUDE / BEING THANKFUL and especially being Thankful for our Military / Police / Fire / Paramedics.  These first responders often take the heat when people are not happy with the outcomes, yet they are the ones who help bring us the rights to freedom, safety, protection and peace of mind that helps to make our communities stronger / better.