We understand that EVERYONE is busy, and with life, work and all the demands that goes with that – people often wonder, “How do you have the time to serve as a leader too?”  What “we” have learned – is that TIME MANAGEMENT IS KEY.  Understanding that work and life both are priorities; but, when YOU schedule time for your own personal development and growth (especially when in a giving capacity) the ROI becomes more than just about feeling good from what you learn, it is also feeling good because of the SERVICE aspect.  And, if you believe in this sort of thing, the universe responds with giving you more opportunities and more good just seems to follow.

So, as we turn our attention to our new Leadership Team and the upcoming election, we ARE looking for candidates who are 1) interested in being more active, 2) wanting to progress their leadership skills / roles, 3) someone who is willing to help 😉  We’d LOVE to hear from you!!