This year’s Last Realtor Standing is being planned and finalized and we need YOU to volunteer to take the stage! We are asking that non-repeating Realtors (meaning if you did it before – you cannot do it again) from each different company step forward “if you dare”… It is a great opportunity to share a laugh or two with fellow Realtors and our Strategic Partners alike.  All in good fun, there are some simple rules; like: “f-bomb is allowed – if it is RELEVANT”, don’t pick on a specific individual or company (unless you have their permission), and of course, “stay REASONABLY sober”.  If that doesn’t give you the start of some material, we might need to enlist further help 😉

Please feel free to congratulate our STRONG and WILLING COMEDIANS for 2019!  (And think who would be good to debut in 2020!!)